If you see any plants at Hummingbird Hill that you would like to buy, then I can usually advise you where to get them. If you order by mail, most plants can be drop shipped at the proper planting time for this zone at your work site or home. Local nurseries might have pick-up only.

Seasonally, I thin out or relocate my plants. At these times plants will be available to buy here at Hummingbird Hill. Sometimes I have collected seeds that are available to buy also.

Roses: Check out the Roses page!  I can mail you cuttings for free.  I do not have any potted roses for sale this spring 2018.  For a list of roses available for cuttings see my roses page.

If you like the varieties that I have, or wish to order some other Old Garden Roses, or Griffith Buck Roses, now is the time to do it before the varieties you want are sold out!

If you order rose cuttings to be rooted now they won't be ready to plant until this fall. Obviously, these are all own-root roses, and not grafted.

Plants Currently Available:

Aloe Vera: $1/ plant

Agave: $2/ plant

Spineless Cactus: I have two kinds - one is curly and one symmetrical. Both have yellow flowers. $1/perianth (petal)