My husband, Jerry Frankeny, is a retired mechanical engineer. He worked at IBM in Austin from 1973 to 1995. Now he is a stained glass artist, and teacher. Many of the churches in Williamson Co., Texas have windows that he restored or designed. Jerry likes to do many other things such as work at his gun shop, repair things, and help schools get IBM grants for computers. He has volunteered for many community events and projects, and currently he helps at Temple Junior College in Taylor, and is, and has been a volunteer usher for the Austin Symphony Orchestra for 25 years. Jerry is also a voracious reader and he loves to discuss the books he has read. His favorite TV show is "How It's Made". Go figure.
I also have many interests. Besides my passion of gardening, I am a writer, and a painter. I like to paint landscapes, interiors, flowers, and people. Oil paint, watercolor, and acrylic are my favorite mediums, and I do many styles, including abstract, but my favorite style is representational art that is symbolic. I teach drawing, color theory, and painting at the Old Middle School on the corner of Fowzer and 7th Street in Taylor. I also enjoy reading more than watching TV, and I help Jerry as a volunteer usher for the Austin Symphony Orchestra.

We have been blessed with a grandchild, a step-grandchild, a godchild, and are surrogate grandparents to several of our friend's children. They are all very special to us.
Here at Hummingbird Hill we have quite a menagerie. Dogs are our outside pets, and cats our indoor pets. They are all sweet animals and life at Hummingbird Hill would not be the same without them. We have one dog, Lady, who is a Pyrenees mix, but she has many friends, and some have more or less taken up residence, so we share them with our next-door neighbors, who are their real owners. If you visit Hummingbird Hill you will probably be greeted by them as they like nice people. But they sleep most of the day, because they have been up all night keeping coyotes away, and they are very tired by morning. Once they have greeted you, they will not annoy you.

We also have several Oriental house cats. I have included a few pictures of them too, because they are quite the beauties, and our indoor buddies.