Hours on Saturdays are 8:00AM to dusk.

Sales and tours are from 8:00AM to 5:00PM

On Saturdays, please come and see the gardens, buy or order plants, bring the kids and grandpa, take pictures with the flowers and butterflies, or bring a photographer and make formal portraits in our beautiful setting of rolling hills, prairie grasses, and wooded valley.

Artists will delight in the flowers and natural landscape. Please feel free to set up your easel and enjoy yourself.
Photo at Hummingbird Hill by Angela Mowery

About three acres of the garden is landscaped in front of the property with grass paths through trees and tall meadow grass. The back half goes down to Mustang Creek through a more or less natural meadow and woodland. The public is welcome to walk throughout the park as they please. There is a fence that marks the boundary of the whole property.

Bring the kids and study leaves, butterflies, insects, flowers, and birds.

Field Trips: If you want to make a class field trip to Hummingbird Hill during a weekday, please call ahead to make an appointment. We will be delighted to accommodate you, and make arrangements so the kids can use our house restrooms.
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly
Female Ruby-throat Hummingbird