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Located Near Taylor, Texas

"Souvenir de la Petit Malmaison" Bourbon Old Garden Rose. This was Queen Marie Antoinette's favorite rose and she named it after her country palace in France. It has a wonderful fragrance of spice.

Hummingbird Hill near Taylor, TX

Open to the public free of charge on Saturdays and Sundays. Even if we are not here, you are welcome to visit and walk the paths, read the tags, and study the plants.

"Enter at Your Own Risk". When Hummingbird Hill is open, it is a public nature park. We are not responsible for any mishaps with animals, insects, or physical accidents.

Hummingbird Hill, located near Taylor, Texas, is a private garden designed by Rebecca Lee on the ten acres where she lives with her husband, Jerry Frankeny. On Saturdays, it is open to the public as a demonstration garden to display trees, shrubs, and plants that are adapted or native to Central Texas. On Sundays, it is a contemplation and prayer garden.

There are no public bathrooms.

Since this is a nature park, the paths are only mowed grass paths, and therefore most of the park is not very wheelchair, or walker accessible. However, there are places near the drive where people can sit in the shade and still enjoy some of the closer flowerbeds which often bring wildlife such as birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, wood bees, or an occasional Praying Mantis.
Saturdays Hours are from 8:00AM to dusk. Tours and sales are on Sat. from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

This is the time to visit the garden to take pictures and portraits, for students to collect leaves, or study insects, and identify plants, for artists to come and paint, or to just discuss gardening and see the plants. Seasonally, there will be plant sales. These will be advertised locally, and on the web.

Sunday Hours are from 8:00AM to dusk.

We have a few lawn chairs available for your use. Please feel free to bring your own, or a blanket.

School trips are welcome. Please call and make an appointment for visitation during the weekdays.
Praying Mantis on Zinnia
Female Ruby-throat Hummingbird

There are only a few rules:
  • Park only on the mowed circular drive, or on the gravel drive. Do not park in the tall grass, for there is a lot of stuff planted there that you may not see.
  • Don't bring pets. We have several large gentle dogs who live on the premises and though sweet, they are territorial. They also consider small pets like cats, ferrets, and guinea pigs a sort of varmint good to eat. They will probably greet you, for they like people, but they mostly sleep during the day and won't annoy nice humans.
  • On Sundays, be considerate of your neighbor's privacy. Let a visitor ask for advise, counseling, or prayer. But, likewise, if you feel you need someone to pray or counsel with you, please feel free to ask. We will not request anyone to join any church, or press our beliefs unsolicited.
  • Currently, there are no public restrooms or water fountains. Taylor is only fifteen minutes away where those necessities can be obtained. However, you may call in advance to see if we will be home during your visit, so the house can opened to use the bathrooms should the need arise.
This is a more or less a nature park. We have occupants you might run into such as spiders, scorpions, snakes, skunks, etc. We are not responsible for any mishaps you might have with the locals.

Roadrunner in our driveway